Here at Real Ball Insiders, we offer equal opportunities to people of all ethnic backgrounds. If you are interested in joining the team feel free to contact us at any moment. Please read through our website and make sure the opportunity is correct for you before you contact us.

We offer a bridge to our writers so that they can get their voices heard. Most of our positions are not paid but we do offer paid positions. Many of our paid staff start out as none paid contributors on our website. We require a sample article of 400-700 words or a link to a previous article if you are interested in becoming a writer.


Site Managers: Managers will be required to take control of the website. They will be in charge of getting contributors and editors for their respective website. The websites will ultimately be controlled by us here at Real Ball Insiders, but we expect the site managers to treat them as their own. We also expect our site managers to be active in the social medias and on the site itself. 

Compensation: 75% of all website revenue.


Lead Editors: Leads will be in charge of making sure the articles have the correct stats, all images are credited to their sources and all articles are linked to the reference sites.

Compensation: Site Managers decide.


Editors: Editors will have the same responsibilities as the lead editors to a lesser extent.

Compensation: Not paid.


Contributors: Contributors will have the opportunity to have their voice heard from fans all around the world.

Compensation: Not paid.


Open Paid Positions

  • Site Manager: Los Angeles Lakers
  • *Site Manager: Washington Wizards
  • *Site Manager: Houston Rockets
  • *Site Manager: Golden State Warriors
  • *Site Manager: New York Knicks
  • *Site Manager: Brooklyn Nets
  • *Site Manager: Boston Celtics
  • *Site Manager: Toronto Raptors

**Startup site. Meaning the new site manager will be in charge of getting their editors and writers (with our help).

We are always looking for none paid contributors to contribute to Real Ball Insiders and all of our sister websites. Please click here if you are interested in building your resume and becoming part of the team!

About Real Ball Insiders

First and foremost, thank you for visiting our page. We are dedicated to bringing our viewers the latest and most fruitful articles in regards to their favorite sports/teams. We were founded in January 2015 and have quickly begun to enjoy success with our visitors. We encourage our viewers to engage with our writers as they are always willing to share insights and their thoughts with our viewers! Again, thank you.
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