Have you ever wanted to write about your favorite sport? If so we are giving you the opportunity. We are currently looking for some contributors to write articles and share them on our site. Fill out the application and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You do not have to have a professional portfolio, everyone has to start somewhere! but if you do not have a portfolio, after applying, we would like you to prepare an article 500 words minimum.

What we look for in writers

  • We are looking for writers who are creative.
  • We are looking for talented writers who would like to make a career out of writing.
  • We are also looking for writers who have a passion for sports.
  • We will not discriminate, if you feel you could write for us; fill out the form!


Although we do not formally pay our writers we offer ways for our writers to earn their own money and gain experience.

  • Writers will be able to add their own advertisements to their articles.
  • Writers will have their articles promoted by Real Ball Insiders LLC and our social media accounts.
  • If one of our writers has a requirement from us, we will try our hardest to accommodate them.
  • If one of our writers needs us as a reference we will be more than happy to endorse them.


  • Our writers must write at least 1 article a week 500 words minimum.
  • Must have an account on Real Ball Insiders. Join Here.
  • Must thoroughly read through their writings before posting.
  • All stats in the articles must be confirmed by credible sources.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must have a professional image on their social media profiles if they wish to promote their articles.
  • Will have to post a featured picture along with photo credits to the owner of the picture in their articles.
  • No racism, derogatory language will be allowed on our website.
  • Authors must complete their profiles along with a picture.
  • Must mention their status as a contributor to @RealBallInsider on their twitter biographies.
  • Must not plagiarize or steal content from any other website. In the case one of our writers violates this, they will be 100% liable for their actions.

Our writers are not forced to focus on a certain topic or group. Our writers are able to write for whichever topic and team they would like to as we exercise freedom and creativity.


About Real Ball Insiders

First and foremost, thank you for visiting our page. We are dedicated to bringing our viewers the latest and most fruitful articles in regards to their favorite sports/teams. We were founded in January 2015 and have quickly begun to enjoy success with our visitors. We encourage our viewers to engage with our writers as they are always willing to share insights and their thoughts with our viewers! Again, thank you.
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