Welcome, and thank you for writing for us if you are currently writing. We hope to be one of the biggest sports sites in the industry within the next couple of years and all of our writers have a role to play. In order for us to grow and be noticed, our articles must be written in the correct way. Articles usually consist of a couple of key aspects.

  • Interesting title (to draw the viewers in).
  • Factual and interesting content.
  • Pictures/Videos.
  • Categories.
  • Tags.
  1. Interesting title: If your title is intriguing viewers will be more likely to click on them. Adding questions to your titles or interesting information will lead in your article to be viewed by as many people possible.
  2. Factual and Interesting content: We have partnered with Sports-Reference.com. If you need stats to back up your article simply visit their site. They have a different site for each sport and are 100% credible. Even if you do not use their website we suggest that our writers would bookmark these 3 links. Before adding images/publishing your posts, select the “Text” tab in the editor and click on the bookmarked link that corresponds to the sport in which the article is written for – this will link the player profiles with their site and show your article in the player’s profile.

We also recommend that our writers use featured images in order for our site to function properly and our automated social media poster, is able to create attractive links for our viewers.

About Real Ball Insiders

First and foremost, thank you for visiting our page. We are dedicated to bringing our viewers the latest and most fruitful articles in regards to their favorite sports/teams. We were founded in January 2015 and have quickly begun to enjoy success with our visitors. We encourage our viewers to engage with our writers as they are always willing to share insights and their thoughts with our viewers! Again, thank you.
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