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The Carriker Chronicles, 5.19.17.

When will the Huskers realistically be able to compete at an elite level again? Two very young special guests help me breakdown that answer on the fin…

The Carriker Chronicles, 5.15.17.

Will the Huskers’ offense or defense be the better unit in the fall? Adam Carriker breaks it down. Also, his wife joins him for a family update:…

The Carriker Chronicles, 5.12.17.

Adam Carriker was a quarterback who moved to defense, so he has some advice for Tommy Armstrong, who may have to pull off a similar switch to make it …

The Carriker Chronicles, 5.5.17,

What are the odds of the Huskers winning 10 games this season? Adam Carriker gives his Fast Friday answer.
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The Carriker Chronicles, 5.3.17.

My interview with Jordan Westerkamp. He talks about several NFL teams wanting to bring him and his upcoming tryout with the Bucs, his current health s…

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