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The Carriker Chronicles, 4.26.17.

Here’s my interview with former All-American and All-Big Ten Husker safety Nate Gerry. We talk about a lot, including targeting penalties, being ruled ineligible from the Music City Bowl vs Tenn…

Russell Westbrook Takes On All Odds

@P_ACasas If I was a betting man like the guys at The Anchor I would have walked up to Las Vegas bookies with a stack full of cash and only one thing to say, “I don’t care what the odds are against hi…

The Carriker Chronicles, 4.21.17.

We have our starting QB, but what other major issues do the Huskers still need to address? I answer this on a Very Fast Friday edition of the Carriker Chronicles! I also demonstrate an alternative lon…

Lunchbox: Austin’s Favorite Son.

Written by: @P_ACasas Art by: @Hi_MyNameIsAli Brash, opinionated, and lovable aren’t three things usually listed when describing a radio DJ, something has to give most of the time. Somehow Lunchbox, c…

I’m Nothing Without You Guys

@P_ACasas I think every sports writer reaches a point where they come to a realization. Even though this writing thing can be lonely, you realize that you’re nothing without the team around you. I can…

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