What the Giants Should do With the Second Pick

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  1. Dr. Lyle Weiser says:

    Are you really comfortable taking a QB who is the least immobile of the fab four,
    who is also prone to concussions? Also, Eli may have more than 2 years left and/or Davis Webb may be the Giants’ QB of the future.
    BTW, who was the winning QB this year in the Super Bowl? Do you think that he is a top-tier QB?

    If Barkley is available at #2, you run up to give Mr. Goodell your card that indicates BARKLEY to be your selection and you suffer having to draft a RB @ #2 (LOL!!!)

    1. Charles Scalies says:

      Thanks for the comment, I love feedback on my writings.
      You can’t base your decisions off of an anomaly like a backup winning the Super Bowl. The reason that happened is because the Eagles had elite talent across the board on both sides, plus a great coach to supplement that. Look at every Super Bowl since 2000, and you will find that the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks are top-tier guys with the exceptions being Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, and Nick Foles. so 15 of 18 Super Bowls had top-tier quarterbacks winning. So if you think you have a better chance to nail 21 other picks and free agent signings to build the best roster in the NFL (one great enough to carry Davis Webb through the NFC), rather than hitting on a quarterback at number 2 and supplementing him with good enough talent then be my guest and take someone else.
      Love Barkley too, wrote about him a while back. Thought he should go #1 but the Browns having two top 4 picks and a pretty good offensive line (neither of which the Giants have) really affected that decision and rationale.

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