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  1. Pablo Novi says:

    As NBA Commissioner,
    Besides completely agreeing with one of your suggestions (see P.S. below); I would fix THREE BIG HISTORICAL WRONGS:
    1) Treat the ABA like the NFL treats the AFL, i.e., with full equality and respect.
    N.B. For the last 7 of its 9 years, the ABA, and especially its top stars, was/were close enough to the NBA, and its teams and top players …, to have:
    a) won more than half the very hotly-contested pre-season exhibition games;
    b) despite being seriously raped by the NBA, the four ex-ABA teams held their own in the NBA in the following seasons;
    c) The NBA All-Star Game had its fair proportion, lots, of ex-ABA-ers.

    2) Treat the NBL like the NBA treats its own first three years as the BAA with full equality and respect.
    N.B. The NBL existed from the 38 season thru 11 years til 1949. During its last 3 years, it co-existed with the fledgling BAA.
    a. The NBL level of play/players was decidedly superior to the BAA’s in the BAA’s 1st year, ’47.
    b. Then the two top NBL teams (Minneapolis, with one George Mikan who had already revolutionized the level of play in the NBL the previous season and a third; & Rochester) switched to and dominated the BAA in its 2nd year.
    c. More teams switched before the 3rd and final “joint-Leagues” season. Ex-NBL teams came to dominate the new League to the tune of taking all three top spots and 5 of the top 8. Ex-NBL All-Stars claimed their share of BAA/NBA All-Star Game spots and glory.

    3. Treat the oldest veterans with full equality and respect, FINALLY: by granting them (or their still-living in-laws) full retirement benefits. This would cost the NBA a pittance; but boy would it be righteous.

    P.S. I too would make the Playoffs consist of the 16 best teams regardless of Conference. (I’d shift the lowest ranked team(s) from one Conference into the lowest slots of the other Conference’s Playoff Bracket (taking the place(s) of the team(s) in that Conference who had worse Regular Season records. Not completely fair to the switched teams who very well might deserve a higher slot compared to the weakest of the still-qualifying teams of the other Conference; nor completely fair to the top ranked team(s) who’d have to face them (often stronger teams) instead of teams that did qualify for the Playoffs under this new system but are weaker than the “switch-over(s)”. btw, I first proposed this idea two years ago in a thread-starting OP post entitled, “Hey Commissioner … Put The Best 16 Teams In The Playoffs” on ProSportsDaily’s Forum.

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