NBA Power Rankings: 07-27-15

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  1. Pablo Novi says:

    You (and your team) seem to know the present-day NBA pretty well. Nice job. I make no such claim for myself. otoh, I might claim some “expertise” history-wise; having been a “rapib” NBA fan for more than 55 years (saw Wilt LIVE with the Globetrotters; was a big fan of Baylor as a rookie, then West-Baylor and O-Lucas – these two bi-racial harmonic duos inspired my entire life to fight against injustice of all types. (Back then the racism in the U.S. was NASTY – “3-Bathroom System”; dual sets of cheerleaders for each high-school team. I have my own version of the GOAT All-Time NBA/ABA/NBL Top 25-50 (“equalized” for position, era, etc.) Keep up the good work. P.S. I’d just like to say a warm “hi” to all my former PSD friends.

    1. Pablo Novi says:

      oops, before I realized, I posted that without clicking on the “notify me” thingys.

    2. Thank you Pablo we appreciate your feedback and we are happy you have enjoyed our articles! come back and visit frequently.

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